AdWords – Pay Per Click (PPC)

AdWords is an online marketing tool offered through Google. Here at Esseo we help you to determine they types of phrases your potential customers are going to type in to Google. From there we generate a list of ‘short-tail’ and ‘long-tail’ keywords to create text ads that appear above the organic search results.

AdWord campaigns are a fantastic way to generate rapid brand awareness. AdWords works on a ‘Pay-Per-Click’ basis, where your advertising costs are predetermined by a budget we help YOU to set. This means you only ever pay if people actually click on your text advertisement! That way you’ll never go over your intended spend!

As Google AdWords Certified Partners our number 1 priority is to make sure our clients are always happy! To do this we monitor all of our clients AdWords campaign very closely to ensure you’re receiving the results you want. We want you to get bang for your buck! We provide thorough monthly reports to keep our clients in the loop and discuss any changes that need to be made going forward into the next monthly cycle.

A paid AdWords campaign is a great accompaniment to those who are waiting patiently for their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts to kick in and improve their natural search results.


Have you ever wondered how suddenly after visiting a site you will have banners and sidebar ads popping up for that company, following you to every corner of the internet? That’s thanks to cookies. These cookies keep track of where you have been on the Internet to help companies identify your interests and make their advertising more targeted to the specific individual. Here at ESSEO we are able to help you create these banner and sidebar ads so that you too can more accurately target your consumers online.

Remarketing is a fantastic way to reach your target consumers. From individuals who have never been to your site before, to those that have visited but not finished conducting business, it will find everyone and target them appropriately. Considering that over 90% of people will leave a website without making a purchase or enquiry, the more repeat exposure your website can get with potential customers, the better your chances are of making a conversion.