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Have you ever wondered how Google decides which companies pop up on the first page of their search results? Did you simply assume big-wig companies automatically get to be at the top and there’s no chance you’ll ever compete on Googles search engine results? Well it’s time we changed that thought mentality! Google has a set of standards for the types of results they generate for their users. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about the things YOU can do for your website to make Google like your site better, and improve the searching experience of users. SEO is at the core of many online marketing operations, so with a solid SEO starting point we can improve your companies performance across the board. Here at Esseo we have highly talented and specialised professionals in the art of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation services at Esseo Online Marketing


Many companies can promise they’ll have you at the top of search results in no time at all, but that’s not how it works. They could be using ‘Black Hat’ techniques and putting your website in jeopardy of being stricken from Google all together!  SEO can be a slow process, but that’s how you know you’re getting quality work! Art takes time, and that’s exactly what SEO is; an art form. As official Google Certified Partners we make sure to play by the rules 100%! We use only White Hat Techniques for our clients and get them REAL results.

Commonly Asked SEO Questions

Q: I’ve never had to worry about SEO, why do I need it now?

A: The world of online marketing has exploded in the last 5-10 years, “best-practices” become obsolete within months and search engines like Google are constantly updating their search algorithms and therefore, their guidelines to achieving the optimal website from an SEO point of view. SEO has become incredibly competitive in recent times, meaning that, if you ignore proper SEO techniques your website will fall behind very quickly and get left behind your competitors.

Q: Is SEO the only form of advertising I need for my business?

A: That’s totally up to you! Many business survive solely on the business that they gain from their website, some will implement other forms of advertising such as radio advertising or billboards. It depends on the audience you are trying to target, and how much you are willing to spend. We often recommend our clients to at least entertain the idea of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to compliment the efforts being made with their website SEO. Depending on the industry and how the campaign is managed, PPC can be extremely successful or very wasteful.

Q: I’m not sure I can justify paying X amount for SEO.. Why Should I?

A: SEO is not a cost, but an investment in your business’ longevity. It’s not a one off payment to create a single campaign to be run for a few months. It is an extremely complex, on going and ever changing service that requires a lot of fine tuning to truly maximise your business’ success. It is one of the most complete forms of advertising you can undertake as it allows customers to repeatedly re-visit your website and learn more about your products and/or services until they decide to make a purchase decision. Not many other forms of advertising allow your customers to have this much exposure to your business 24/7!

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