Remarketing is a feature of Google AdWords (PPC) that you cetrainly would have noticed over the past few years. How many times have you been searching for a specific product online only to later notice an ad for this very product following you around on a different website? This is a product of Google making use of the small piece of data that is sent from a website and stored on a user’s web browser, known as a ‘cookie’. Google allows AdWords users the ability to download this code script and attach it to relevant pages on their website. Once a user then visits that particular web page the cookie that gets stored on the users internet browser is slightly altered by this Google Remarketing code. Now the user’s browser is essentially tagged with the cookie that tells any Good Display Network (GDN) site to display that particular ad that is associated with the cookie.

the remarketing service cycle

Remarketing has been really game-changing in the world of online marketing. It allows advertisers to reconnect with potential customers by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web. It is a very targeted, and often effective form of Pay Per Click advertising. Nothing else on the web has been able to give advertisers a “second bite of the apple” like remarketing has been able to in recent years.


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